Each resident has access to case management services and life skills coaching by a recovery coach, including one on one communication with a member of the recovery community who can assist with employment or volunteer placement. They can assist with interview preparation, obtaining references and resume building as well as lifestyle changes and goals to improve life satisfaction. Individualized treatment is encouraged to best meet the needs of every client.

Staying Clean

Random UA’s and breathalyzer are available on site as needed. Narcan and access to clinical treatment available. Morning and evening check in’s, which outline the daily house schedule and House/AA meeting attendance.



The house manager stays in daily contact with all the residents and follows up to make sure residents do their house chores and attend meetings.

Residential Coordinator

The residential coordinator assists with the day to day operations of the home, overseeing daily activities, organizing recreational activities, providing transportation and assisting with conflict resolution. Emergency assistance is also available if needed.


Weekly meeting

The weekly house meeting is on Tuesday at 6:30pm. Morning and evening check-ins occur regularly. Weekly group dinner and outings may include: bowling, movies, hiking, fitness/gym, go-carting, golfing, biking, and beach time.


Washer / dryer available on the premises.


Safe transport is available to: meetings, clinical appointments, medical appointments, grocery shopping, job hunting, interviews.

Common good

There is a mandatory nightly curfew for all residents. Every guest is assigned basic chores, to maintain the common spaces all enjoy.

Most loving god, we ask your blessing upon all who suffer from addiction. Strengthen them to reach out for help. Enable them to take the first step to recovery. Bless them with the persistence to persevere in the fight to be free. Give courage and hope to their families, drawing them close together in the power of your love, which alone can transform our living. Amen.